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ebalta Solutions
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The high performance programme.

High quality and efficient composite resin systems and materials for the strongest ideas.

High-tech applications require high-tech materials. Whether boat building, wind turbines, aviation, automotive or space flight – products used at the limit of what is technically possible demand much more than simply efficient materials. Regardless of the processing method you use to manufacture composite components – vacuum technology, hand laminating or RTM – high quality epoxy resins from
ebalta guarantee composite parts that perfectly meet the highest requirements.

Click here to find out about our new FIBRETEMP process, which involves electrically heating a composite mould, allowing the production of composite parts by using a resin infusion system, resin filled carbon fibre prepreg or standard wet lay-up procedures, without heating or post-curing in a large scale oven or autoclave. The process is ideal for big moulds with a large surface area, as the new process offers a very productive, energy efficient and cost effective solution.


Case Study
Regatta Racing at the Highest Level -
YSA Yacht Design Introduces the
New Catamaran Competition Cat 30
Developed with Vacuum Infusion
Resins from ebalta


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