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Customer Testimonials
  Windsor Workshop Limited
'We have used ebalta P22 modelling paste over the last 3 years and it hand carves or machines very easily giving a wonderfully smooth or textured surface. The ebalta board range is also ideal for pattern making smaller objects with a high degree of detail while the ebalta paste is the best product for larger more organic shapes. When it is used over polystyrene it is a very economical way of achieving large scale forms with a good solid surface perfectly suitable for moulding or coating directly.
Luke Furlonger, Director, Windsor Workshop Ltd.

  Ford Motor Company
'The ebalta Cast-to-Size Open Day was concise and very informative. The factory tour was very interesting and it clearly showed us the capabilities of ebalta in this application area.'
Richard Wooldridge, Rapid Product Development Manager.

  Visioneering Limited
'The ebalta Cast-to-Size event was excellently organised and very instructive. Seeing the practical application firsthand was extremely beneficial and ebalta provided us with exactly the right balance of presented information and hands-on practical demonstrations.'
Adrian Coppin, Operations Manager.

  Monolution Limited
'EP678 has been specified by our customers in the Formula 1, Motorsport and Aerospace industries for many years. It is ideal for the production of patterns because it is easy to cut and leaves a good machined surface that requires minimal hand finishing. ebalta UK offers very good technical service by recommending and supporting us to ensure we select the right products for our application. This, coupled with exceptional next day delivery, allows us to offer a fast turnaround premium service to our customers.'
Dean Cleverley, Director, Monolution Limited.

  Cronite Casting Limited
'ebaboard M04 from ebalta UK is our tooling board of choice for the production of Foundry Patterns to ensure highly accurate final castings. Its key properties of high strength, rigidity and excellent ability to hold its shape, ensure our patterns don't flex or distort during the moulding process, which is especially important on very thin vertical sections. The range of M04 board sizes is also helpful in complementing the variety of depth of patterns we require.'
Terry Hillier, Methods Manager, Cronite Casting Ltd.

  APH3g Limited
'We choose both modelling board and laminating materials from ebalta UK for the production of CNC machined patterns and tooling masters through to hand laminated epoxy mould tools and parts. Using these products enables us to guarantee both dimensional accuracy and the exceptional surface finish we require for the manufacture of automotive tooling and body panels for high end niche vehicle applications.'
Chris Read, Director, APH3g Limited.

  Freeform Technology Limited
'TB 650 has been specified by one of our key customers Red Bull Technology, the design and manufacturing arm of Red Bull Racing, for over 10 years. It is ideal for the production of patterns for the F1 industry because of the consistency of the board, ease of machining and a good surface finish that requires minimal hand finishing. ebalta UK provide excellent service and always deliver on time. Over the last 12 months, they have always ensured product availability to support us in offering flexibility and a rapid response service to meet our own customer demands.'
Fred Hutton, Director, Freeform Technology Limited.

  Custom Patterns
'ebalta is our supplier of choice for high density Foundry boards including ebaboard 140. This material, available on next day delivery for fast turnaround projects, is a high quality board that is less susceptible to distortion from heat compared with other boards. The very low thermal expansion provides the accuracy needed for the production of core boxes that are blown.'
Bob Ladyman, Partner, Custom Patterns.


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