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Premium epoxy
tooling boards for the manufacture of high precision mould tools

Machine to highly smooth
surfaces for use in key applications including
prototyping, modelling,
styling, sheet metal forming
and plus assist
Epoxy Boards

Please refer to our Block and Board Materials and Composite brochures for product recommendations or follow the links below to download our latest product datasheets directly.


Product   Datasheet
EP 678  
TB 400  
TB 610  
TB 620  
TB 650  
TC 460  

For more information
on Epoxy Boards please
contact us on:

t: +44 1332 814700
e: info@ebalta.co.uk

“TB 650 is ideal for the
production of patterns
for the F1 industry because
of the consistency of the board
ease of machining and a good surface finish that requires minimal hand finishing.”

Fred Hutton
Director, Freeform
Technology Ltd

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