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Perfect in every shape

A comprehensive
range of boards for design
and model making

Modelling Boards

Please refer to our Block and Board Materials and Foundry brochures for product recommendations or follow the links below to download our latest product datasheets directly.


Product   Datasheet
ebaboard 60-1 New
ebaboard L  
ebaboard L-1  
ebaboard S-1 New spacer

For more information
on Modelling Boards please
contact us on:

t: +44 1332 814700
e: info@ebalta.co.uk

“We choose both
modelling board and
laminating materials from
ebalta UK for the production
of CNC machined patterns
and tooling masters through to
hand laminated epoxy mould
tools and parts. Using these
products enables us to
guarantee both dimensional
accuracy and the exceptional
surface finish we require
for the manufacture of
automotive tooling and body panels for high end niche
vehicle applications.”

Chris Read
Director, APH3g Limite

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